Mia Jonshagen  


Exclusive and highquality oilpaintings and bronzesculptors by International and Swedish artist, Mia Jonshagen

Further information about current and upcoming paintings and sculptures, contact Mia.

miajonshagen@hotmail.se   We welcome visitors by appointment to our farm, close to Malmoe and Copenhagen!






"Dreamtime" further informaion,  contact Mia


"Revolution" further information, contact Mia


"I know you know" further details, contact Mia

"Never let them in" Further details, contact Mia

Followers,  further information, contact Mia

" Followers" further details, contact Mia

"Dreamdawn" further information, contact Mia


" Little Things" for further details, contact Mia

"Lillte things we say, little things we do, further details, contact Mia

" Wave" a unic an superadvanced horsehead in bronz,  TWO SIZES, further information, contact Mia

WING, in Bronze

WING in bronze

WAVE in Bronze


miniature Wave in bronze

Large scled WAVE in Bronze

" Noticed them,"  privatly owned


"Noticed them"  Privatly owned

"When we were young",  privatly owned.

The Letter You Wrote,  collection: The meaning with you,    privately owned

" Letters" , Collection, The Meaning with you"   privately owned

 Heroes , Collection; Auguries of Innocnense, privatly owned

" Dreamland" ,  The headpainting for the collection, Dreamland, privatly owned

Taking you home" , collection; Auguries of Innocense. privatly owned


"What if We Fly"   privatly owned

Blue Lloyd, privatly owned



Detail from the oilcanvas; Fron one to another, send my regards" Collection, Auguries of Innocense, Privatly owned

Detail from the great oilcanvas " The Guardians" privatly owned

"Cielo" Privatly owned

Detail from collection; Auguries of Innocense, privatly owned.