Mia Jonshagen  



       Swedish artist, Mia Jonshagen belong  to one of Europés most exklusive  oilpainters.

       A small but exclusive Collection of oilpaintings  and bronzesculptures With supreme quality are made each  Year. 

       The oilpaintings and sculptures are made To last for generations ahead 

       The paintings and sculptures are sold all over the world. 

      We WELCOME  Serious Interested At ANYTIME TO OUR FARMHOUSE  , Located Just South Of Malmoe 

      INFORMATION about  CURRENT and UPCOMING paintings and sculptures , 

      Contact, miajonshagen@hotmail.se   




          INSTAGRAM Mia Jonshagen








































Pilgrims, collection Auguries of Innocence   Further details contact Mia

pilgrims, further Details, contact Mia

Birds, Collection, Dreamland

Bronzesculpture Warriors, together with th oilpainting Birds

warriors, bronze, installation, ltd 1/10 

Bronze sculpture Warriors as an installation 

wave in bronze, in water pond, smaller version 

I Will be you, you Will be me , further Details, contact Mia

Warrior , further details, contact Mia

The Warrior, Collection, The Meaning With You.  My most beloved oilpainting ever, further Details, contact Mia

the Alchemist together with bronze sculpture Wave 

The Alchemist, further Details, contact Mia

the Alchemist , further information , contact Mia

The Alchemist together with wave in ultramarin litgning.

Rebel, further information, contact Mia

detail from the oilpainting Rebel. 

INstallation Warriors , bronzesculptures 

pilgrims together with the Bronzesculptures Wave, further Details, contact Mia

glimpses from the oilpainting Pilgrims, further Details, contact Mia

glimpses fRom the oilpainting, Pilgrims, further Details, contact Mia

glimpses from latest oil  painting, further Details, contact Mia

glimpses from latest oilpainting, further detail, contact Mia

Wing, bronze , further Details, contact mia

Wave in bronze, furt details, contact Mia

wave with some purple spotlight 

Little things we say, Little things we do. Privately owned

"New Kind in Town" privately owned.


"Dreamtime" privatly owned.


"When we were young",  privatly owned.

The Letter You Wrote,  collection: The meaning with you,    privately owned

" Dreamland" ,  The headpainting for the collection, Dreamland, privatly owned

Blue Lloyd, privatly owned



Detail from the oilcanvas; Fron one to another, send my regards" Collection, Auguries of Innocense, Privatly owned